Waxing vs. Threading: Which Is Better?

It’s an age-old question regarding hair removal: Which is better, waxing vs. threading? These are two highly popular hair removal methods, especially for the face. But is threading better than waxing? We’ll take you through the similarities and differences between these hair removal techniques, which one is less painful, and which one may last longer. 

waxing vs threading

What Is Waxing?

Waxing is the process of melting down skin-safe wax and using it to remove body hair by the root. You can use hot wax to remove hair pretty much anywhere on your body, and it typically comes in the form of either soft wax used with strips or hard wax beans used without strips.

What Is Threading?

Threading is a hair removal method that removes the entire hair strand by the follicle. Threading is taking two thin cotton strings, tightly twisting them together over the hair, and allowing the friction between the strings to pull out the hair. It’s a technique that originated in India and Central Asia and has become popular in the United States. The action of threading is similar to tweezing but removes more hair at a time.

Similarities Between Waxing vs. Threading


A similarity between waxing and threading is both techniques remove hair by the root. Hair removal techniques like shaving and hair removal creams cut off the hair above the follicle root.

By taking the hair out by the root, waxing and threading won’t leave your skin bumpy the way a razor burn can. These hair removal techniques will also have longer-lasting results as opposed to shaving. 

Both are also relatively fast hair removal processes. Threading and waxing eyebrows usually take 10 to 15 minutes to complete. However, for threading to be done in this amount of time, you will need to go to a reputable salon. 

Differences Between Threading and Waxing

It is best to go to a salon to have threading done as there is more room for error with threading. Threading is a specific technique that not everyone knows how to do and it takes a decent amount of practice to do it correctly. Waxing can be done at home and does not require training, just a little bit of practice.

While threading offers you precision, it’s not a technique you can use universally all over your body. You should not thread leg, arm, or bikini hair. The hair in those areas is typically thicker and it would take a long time to remove them with threading. It is also more painful to thread coarse hair. By contrast, waxing works on any part of the body.   

Waxing also removes all the hair in one application. Threading requires a bit more patience since it removes only a few hairs at a time.

Which One Is Less Painful?

waxing is less painful

When it comes to waxing vs. threading, one can be less painful than the other. Both techniques remove hair by the root, which can cause discomfort since it’s closer to the nerve endings underneath your skin. However, waxing is usually considered the less painful option between waxing vs. threading. 

Since threading only pulls out a few hairs at a time, you need to thread the same area multiple times to remove the hair. This repetitive action can quickly cause redness and irritation before it’s even over. 

Waxing removes the hair in one application, so by the time you feel any pain, it’s already over. Make sure you use hard wax beans instead of soft wax beans for the least amount of pain. And if you take proper care by using nourishing oils before waxing, you can drastically reduce the pain you feel when waxing. 

Which Technique Lasts Longer?

Which hair removal technique will give you longer-lasting effects? Waxing vs. threading? While this can depend on your genetics and hormones, waxing will typically last a bit longer than threading. 

On average, threading lasts between two and four weeks, while waxing usually lasts up to six weeks

So, Is Waxing or Threading Better?

We believe waxing is a better option for hair removal. Waxing can be done at home, is not very painful, and is a relatively fast process. Threading is the opposite in all of these cases.

Plus, waxing offers more versatility than threading and it will typically last longer than other hair removal options. 

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What do you think is better, waxing vs. threading? Tell us in the comments below!

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