How to Wax Legs at Home?

Have you wanted to try a DIY leg wax routine, but you weren’t sure where to begin? We’ve created a guide for how to wax your legs at home using the best at-home leg waxing kit.

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Step One: Prep

Prepping your skin before waxing is essential for the best results. Without proper care, you can develop dry, irritated, flaky, or bumpy skin after waxing. 

 Below are the three steps for preparing to wax your legs at home.  

  • 1. Exfoliate 

Clean lotion

Exfoliating removes dead skin cells, dislodges potential ingrown hairs, and helps boost circulation. The best methods of exfoliating your legs are dry brushing or using a grainy exfoliator.

Do this step the day before you wax your legs at home to prepare your skin. 


> Dry Brushing 

  1. Make sure your legs are dry for this method, ideally right before showering. 
  2. Using a body brush with firm bristles, begin at your ankles and move upwards in circular motions over your entire leg. The pressure should be enough to scrub dead skin cells but not enough to cause irritation or burning.
  3. After showering, lather your legs with a hydrating moisturizer and nourishing oil.  
> Grain Exfoliating 
  1. While you’re in the shower, take a body polish or grainy body scrub and exfoliate your legs from bottom to top. 
  2. After exfoliating and rinsing, finish with a moisturizer and nourishing oil. 
  • 2. Soak in Warm Water

    Soaking your legs in warm water can help open your follicles, make your hair softer, warm up your skin, and increase circulation. Do this step on the same day you wax your legs. 

    You can either take a hot bath or, if you don’t have a ton of time, stand in the shower for a few minutes until you feel your skin warm up and your leg hair soften. If you take a hot bath, avoid using soaps containing alcohol. This can cause skin irritation when waxing.

    Make sure your legs are dry before moving on to the next step.

    • 3. Use a Purifying Lotion

      Exfoliate legs waxing

      Our Clean Purifying Lotion properly cleans and sanitizes your skin for wax. 

      Apply a few drops of the purifying lotion onto a cotton swab and begin cleansing your entire leg. For the best results, moisturize your skin with a nourishing oil after purifying. 


      Step Two: Wax

      Heat the wax

      Now it’s time for the waxing part. Below are the three steps to wax your legs at home.

      • 1. Heat

      After prepping your skin and heating your hard wax beans, do a small heat test on the inside of your wrist. Make sure the wax is warm but not scalding.

      Once the wax is warm, dip your spatula into the wax tin and wipe the underside to remove excess. Turn the spatula a few times to prevent any dripping wax.

      • 2. Apply

      When waxing your legs, start with the lower half of your leg. Apply the wax in the direction of hair growth down the front of your shin. Keep the edges thick for easy removal and allow the wax to harden.

      • 3. Remove

        Hold your skin taut around the wax and use your other hand to lift the bottom end of the hardened wax. In a swift motion, pull the wax off in the opposite direction of hair growth. 

        Repeat these three steps on your calf, knee, and thigh. 

        Want a video tutorial on how to wax legs at home? Watch our tutorials to learn how to wax your lower leg, knee, and thigh.  

        Step Three: Aftercare

        Once you’ve finished waxing your legs, you need to follow up with some aftercare. Aftercare helps prevent ingrown hairs and keeps your newly waxed legs soft and smooth. 

        Here’s the best way to care for your skin after waxing your legs at home.

        • 1. Protect

          Clean lotion

          Waxing leaves your follicles open and exposed, inviting harmful bacteria into your skin. Protect your follicles from debris by using the clean purifying lotion after waxing. 

          Apply a few drops to a cotton ball and gently wipe it onto your hair-free legs.


          • 2. Moisturize

            It is important to replenish your skin's hydration after waxing to prevent flaking. 

            After cleansing your legs, follow up with a body moisturizer. Don't use any moisturizers that contain alcohol, as they can potentially irritate your freshly waxed skin. 

            Finish off by applying some nourishing oil.    

            – – – 

            You can get the hard wax beans, purifying lotion, and nourishing oil in our Happy Waxing At Home Kit

            What are your tips on how to wax your legs at home? Tell us in the comments below!

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