Pubic Hairstyles: What's Trending for 2022

When thinking about hairstyle trends, you are likely thinking about the hair on your head, but what about the hair in your pubic area? Women’s pubic hairstyles have come a long way from the au naturel bush. Since the turn of the century, several pubic hairstyles have entered the mainstream. 

As a result of quarantine and stay-at-home orders, waxing salons have seen fewer visitors over the past two years. But we are now seeing a return of pubic hair trends as we move into the new year. 

So, what are some trending pubic hairstyle ideas to try for 2022? We’ve got you covered. Keep reading to find out.

The Hollywood

hollywood waxing bikini

A pubic hairstyle often confused with the Brazilian, the Hollywood is the barest of them all. This style involves removing all the hair – and we mean all. It is completely bare from the front to the back, including the underside. This look is popular for both women’s and men’s pubic hairstyles. 

The Hollywood is one of the most high-maintenance pubic hairstyles. If you want to go for the full smooth skin look and feel, give this one a try. 

The Standard Bikini

standard wax bikini

The standard bikini is a relatively low-maintenance pubic hairstyle. As the name suggests, this style involves only removing hair along the edges of your bikini line. The remaining pubic hairs are then trimmed. 

The triangle shape of pubic hair cut gives you that perfect trimmed look with little fuss. It is a good option if you want to keep the look of your pubic area on the more natural side. It's also a good go-to if you don’t want to spend a lot of time grooming since it’s quite easy to maintain.

The High-Leg Bikini

high leg bikini waxing

With the rise of the high-leg bikini bottom, this style has become one of the most popular pubic haircuts. This style has the same blueprint as the standard bikini style, but goes further into the bikini line, about half an inch or so. The top of the pubic hairline is also brought down, creating a smaller triangle shape. 

This pubic hairstyle is ideal when going to the beach because it pairs well with today's popular swimwear styles. But, like the standard bikini, it’s fairly low maintenance and doesn’t take a lot of time to achieve.

The French 

the french bikini wax

The French pubic hairstyle is suitable for those who want to remove a lot of hair, but do not want to commit to the Brazilian or the Hollywood wax. This style of waxing removes nearly all the hair, leaving a thin line of hair on the back, underneath, and front area. The strip in the front is then trimmed into a rectangular shape.

This style is perfect for those who want a clean look, but do not want to go too far into the labia. You can also use this style as an introduction to a Hollywood or Brazilian wax if you are not ready to have your most sensitive parts waxed.

The Brazilian 

brazilian waxing

Okay, so this one is not a groundbreaking pubic hairstyle, but it feels wrong to not have it on our list. The Brazilian wax, commonly confused with the Hollywood wax, rose in popularity in mainstream culture in the 90s. The term "Brazilian wax" has now become ubiquitous in the waxing world, but what exactly is this pubic haircut style?

Like the Hollywood pubic hairstyle, this wax removes nearly all the hair from the pubic area. The regions underneath and in the back are hairless, but the signature difference is the remaining small strip of hair in the front. 

It may not seem like an industry-shaking style, but the Brazilian wax has influenced so many of the pubic hair cuts we see today. So while this pubic hairstyle is more of a classic rather than a trend, we recommend giving this style a try.

How you want to style your pubic hair is a personal choice. Whether you go natural or wax it all, it's up to you. Regardless of the style of waxing you choose, it should be something you find aesthetically pleasing as well as comfortable. 


Want to try one of these pubic hairstyles? Our Happy Waxing At Home Kit has all the essentials you’ll need for whichever pubic hairstyle you prefer. Our waxing kits use hard wax beads, which are more comfortable for sensitive areas like the bikini line. 


Have you tried any of these trends recently? Let us know in the comments below!

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