Most common skin reactions to waxing

Waxing can be a "stressor" for the body. 

Skin reactions after waxing

To preface, waxing breakouts, waxing rashes or skin irritation and redness could immediately follow your body or face waxing or it could also occur a day or two later, don’t be alarmed. 

Starting with a little bit of biology.  Waxing can be considered a potential “stressor” for the for the body, and the skin will respond to this stressor with a histamine reaction. 

A histamine reaction after waxing is very normal and good; first you might ask what is histamine?  Histamine is a chemical in our white blood cells. Hair is being removed at the root level causing “potential stress” to the skin whereby histamine releases into the blood stream to act as our defense. Our body is responding normally to the actual removal of the hair on your skin and NOT from the wax product.  Biology was not my best subject in school, but I felt it’s important to understand what histamine is and why you may experience a histamine reaction to waxing.

Please note: There is the possibility, while rare, of an allergic reaction to waxing.  This is very different from a normal reaction, please seek medical attention immediately if you have any concerns.

Three of the most common skin reactions to waxing. 

Note, If you’re experiencing any pain after waxing while it’s rare it still could occur and at any given time, please call your doctor or dermatologist, they will provide expert advice on how to relieve pain after waxing. 

If you do experience unusual irritation, itching, or swollen red bumps, it’s best to wait at least 30 days before you wax again.

  1. Is it normal to have pimples after waxing?

Yes, this is very common and is a normal histamine response. They can be annoying, but most will disappear after a few days. Be assured these little white bumps after waxing your face can be filtered out from our selfies 😉.

A pimple after waxing generally shows up on the face but they could occur on any of the areas you’ve waxed. They might show up with a white or clear pustule and with or without redness.

Should I pop a white pimple? Definitely NOT – it will make the pimple more noticeable, could cause infection and some scarring. Is it ever ok to pop a pimple? It’s never ok, this delays your body’s natural healing process.  It’s best to keep your hands off and keep the area clean. Use a warm washcloth compress, apply fragrance free cleansers and fragrance-free moisturizers to keep the skin soft and hydrated, they should subside within a few days. When I exfoliate after waxing, I find it minimizes this from happening.

    Note; If you begin to experience extreme inflammation, redness, or pain, we suggest you contact your doctor or dermatologist immediately for professional advice.                                                                      

    red pimples after waxing


    1. Is a rash from waxing normal?

    The answer is yes, a waxing rash is a warm to the touch irritation that may appear right away or even a few days after you have waxed. This usually subsides on its own and within a few days.

    Avoid scratching these rashes after waxing and use a cool compress or wash cloth to soothe your skin. Take a lukewarm shower and apply aloe vera gel to help reduce the wax rash and calm your skin.  Again, be sure there are no fragrances in your cleansers, aloe vera gels, moisturizers, or deodorants as this can cause further irritation. 

     rash after waxing

    1. Is it normal to see tiny red dots after waxing?

    Yes, this is yet another common histamine reaction to waxing.  It also should subside within a few days, try not to scratch it

    To calm your skin immediately after you wax use a clean icepack or a cold washcloth compress for about 15 minutes on the area this will help to close your pores and follicles and prevent bacteria from getting in.

    Make sure your not re-using your waxing applicator. Is double dipping bad? Yes reusing the same wax applicator is not good, do not double dip  that applicator has the potential to spread bacteria and possibly cause fungal infections. Be sure to always wash your hands and face before waxing, and while this next one may be a challenge, try to keep your hands away from your smooth freshly waxed skin - yet another potential to harbor bacteria!


      tiny red dots after waxing

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