How to wax at home for Men?

Guys can wax at home too!

men wax at home

Guys, think back to watching your dad shave in the mirror with unwavering curiosity, watching his every move with the anticipation that someday it would be your time to shave. 

Finally, after the “impossible to avoid” nicks, cuts, or endless toilet paper to stop the blood flow, it was clear that technique and practice were part of the process and that it would take you time and patience to master the art of shaving. Questions like do I shave up or down, do I shave with the grain or against the grain needed to be answered. Finally with the right techniques and some trial-and-error, shaving became second nature.

Say goodbye to your razor & hello to waxing!

DIY hair removal for guys is a ‘thing,’ everyone is doing it and doing it in the privacy of our own bathrooms. It is no secret we all have been spending a lot of time and money on our own methods of hair removal, self-care.

Think about how much money you have spent on razors and shave creams then factor in the time you have spent shaving. Guys PSA - we want you to continue shaving your face, do not wax your beard or mustache PLEASE, your hair there can be too strong for waxing.

All this time and money dedicated to shaving your chest, shaving under arms, shaving legs and for some only to have your hair grow back within a few days and others hair grows back in just a few hours.


Alternately, your time and money spent on trips to the salon every four – six weeks, it all adds up! The Happy Waxing kit can save you time and money. For about the same cost of a video game (CoD costs $59.99 – ok, maybe not for the newest release 😉), you can have a first-class hard waxing kit made by the award-winning global leaders in the hard wax category. Bonus, wouldn’t it be dope knowing you are going to be “hair free” for up to 6 weeks, that’s a Win!

With anything new, hard waxing at home just like shaving will require the same perseverance. As the waxing experts, we made it easy for you to master, with our easy-to-follow hard waxing videos that featuring techniques applicable for guys and gals. Our Happy Waxing Kit has everything you need to wax at home, so with a little time, and a little bit of patience waxing with hard wax will become second nature.

We know there is a pain threshold thing for some guys, gals too. However, you can relax because our hard waxing system really is less painful compared to the many others out there 😊 just read our reviews. In fact, our Happy Waxing home waxing kit and the easy-to-follow waxing process makes the least painful waxing experience. With a few practice runs, each time you will be increasingly prepared both physically and mentally and you’ll become hard waxing proficient in no time at all.

Important - one of the top ten men’s grooming searches is “how to shave or wax down there” for you guys, we ask that you please leave this for the pros.

Best advice… please do not to try to wax your intimate areas at home

The pros have been trained to provide these services safely – just make sure they are using our award-winning salon professional brand, ask for Cirepil Hard Wax Beads to ensure the best hair removal results. We do not recommend waxing your entire face either guys but we can assure you, you will love using our Happy Waxing hard wax kit for your monobrow. FYI everyone has hair between their brows, and they have been shaving it for years. The difference, waxing will make you hair free for weeks. You can wax about everywhere but not inside your nose or ears.

men waxing at home

ONLY wax the exterior of your ears and the exterior of your nostrils. PLEASE Do NOT WAX inside the ears or nose, ONLY THE EXTERIORS.

Be open-minded and explorative, even if that means stepping outside your comfort zone. Put down the razors, say goodbye to nicks, and cuts, and the razor burns on your body. Start grooming the Happy waxing way – be sure to follow our tips and watch our easy waxing videos to get you started.

Here are six tips to help you begin waxing at home!

  1. Let your hair grow ¼ of an inch long is a great start, it will make your waxing experience so much easier and way more comfortable.
  2. When is the best time to wax? Best to wax before bed, try not to wax right before going out on the town, tight fitting clothes and perspiration may irritate your freshly waxed body. If your waxing larger body parts, try to wear loose fitting clothing for as long as possible.
  3. Look over your meds and skin care, a promising idea is to check with your doc first because there are certain medications and skin care that can desensitize skin which may increase chances for your skin to react.
  4. Should I exfoliate before waxing? The answer is yes, a few days before waxing it prepares your skin by removing dead skin cells. If you do not have an exfoliation glove, brush, or scrub, you can easily use a nice thick cotton washcloth over the areas you’re going to wax, this works great! Be sure to moisturize after… but not on waxing day.
  5. Will drinking before waxing be a problem? Yes, go without alcohol, even if you’re thinking it will make you more courageous. It dries out skin, tightens pores, and thins the blood which can make it tougher to remove hair.
  6. Should I bathe before waxing? Go ahead and take a warm shower to soften the skin and open the follicles a bit. Be sure to dry off well before you wax. 

A demonstration of the Happy Waxing Kit 

Now that you are prepped and ready to go, it should be happy waxing, smooth sailing, and most importantly smooth skin for weeks. That will make you HAPPY.

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