How to prepare before waxing?

How to prepare before waxing, six hints and tips on what to do before waxing yourself at home for a happy wax experience.

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Perron Rigot Paris, the waxing experts with 85 years of award-winning wax manufacturing and wax educating makes us the brand you can trust, we know waxing and we know how to do it best.

If it’s your first time waxing at home or if you’ve already made waxing part of your self-care, we’ve answered your questions with six straightforward tips and hints to help you prepare before waxing.

- Six hints and tips on what to do before waxing yourself at home.

  1. Hair Length, how long does your hair need to be to wax? 

hair should be 1/8" long
Let your hair Grow - you are going to need a minimum of one-quarter of an inch for the perfect length. How long not to shave before waxing? Ideally about two weeks of “no shaving or waxing” is the best hair length to wax. This length is perfect for the wax to securely capture the hairs, remove them from the root, and provide the smoothest results. Hair tends to grow a little faster in summer and FYI most hair grows at an average rate of about one-tenth of an inch per week. Ok, we agree no one wants hairy skin (unless that’s what you’re into) 😊, but there is a reward…

    How long to wait between waxing; you have 4 – 6 weeks before you need to wax again and that makes us very happy! Another question most often asked is should I trim before a bikini wax, yes, and how to make waxing less painful at home, it will make waxing the bikini line easier for you when this hair is shorter, 1/8 to 1/4 inch is best.  


    1. Exfoliation, should I exfoliate before waxing?

    exfoliate before waxing

    Yes, definitely a few days before you wax. Exfoliation is a trendy way to prepare the skin for waxing and maintain the best results after waxing. For wax ready skin you really need to make exfoliation part of your selfcare regime. There are several ways to get there, the easiest and most cost effective is to use a washcloth regularly, it’s the gentlest way to exfoliate. Both dry brushing and exfoliating gloves are most popular.

    There are many benefits of dry brushing, should I dry brush before or after a shower, it’s best done before you shower. When is the best time to exfoliate? Use your exfoliating glove in the shower - choose the glove that is the least abrasive. Can you exfoliate after waxing? Yes, just wait at least 48 hours and be gentle – exfoliate and or dry brush every couple of days, to keep your skin soft and smooth.



    1. How to make waxing at home easy?

    tutorial on how to wax at home

    The answers are in our tutorials. Whether you want to learn how to make waxing less painful at home, how to wax your underarms at home or how to wax legs at home, please watch our tutorials, we are the experts and know how to wax best! We all watch how to videos to make our lives easier. My YouTube favorites have topics from how to get that perfect Cat Eye Makeup look, nail trends winter 2022 and most recently I even learned how to change the back tire on a mountain bike.

    To make it easy we created a waxing video for each body area all designed to make your waxing experience easier and more efficient. Please do not hold back here… relax, take your time, and acclimate yourself to the little nuances of Happy Waxing. I assure you that watching each waxing tutorial is well worth your time!


    1. How do I set up my waxing station for waxing at home?

    set up waxing heater

    Happy Waxing is a self-care kit and waxing at home is a self-care ritual. Your set up will be best in a calm and quiet space where you won’t have interruptions. For us parents and pet owners the bathroom seems to be the best spot. I usually wait until after bedtime when the kids are asleep, and I can relax. Of course, we are always prepared for interruptions especially with our little ones, but a locked door always gives us a little extra time to react 😊.

    Make sure you have your happy wax heater set up on a stable counter, the bathroom sink near the outlet is perfect! You can use the protective cover for the floor just in case you have any “oops” moments. Place your wax sticks, clean & prepare = the best pre and post wax products, and your cotton wipes nearby within easy reach. Good lighting is important too. Start small until you get to know your wax, once you get going though you may find it difficult to stop using our hard wax 😊. My daughter wishes we would create a wax pot wax warmer she can climb into for her entire body because removing our Happy Waxing hard wax has really become a fun experience for her!

    Now you can spend some time relaxing and waxing yourself – I keep a nice glass of French pinot noir nearby to enjoy as the finale to my own personal after waxing self-care routine!


      1. Should I shower before waxing?

      shower before waxing

      Yes, this is a great pre wax ritual.
      A warm shower will clean and soften your skin, opening the hair follicles a bit will help make waxing more comfortable. Be sure to dry off well before you start your waxing and then follow the Clean and Prepare Happy Waxing regime before applying any wax to your skin.



      1. Practice, practice, practice waxing – Practice makes perfect, practice makes progress just start with small areas and a little hard wax at a time.

      you need pratice

      Practice checking the wax temperature. 

      Apply some wax on the inside of your wrist where there is no hair and where you can feel the temperature of the wax, if the wax is too thin simply add some more beads and you will get the best  temperature for hard wax and the best texture. It’s best for the wax to be on the thicker side, this will help make your wax a good texture for application and more manageable to work with. It may take a couple of practice applications, but practicing is so worth the extra effort and time. (Quick tip… PLEASE DON’T TOUCH THE TIN, it can get warm during the melting process).


        Follow these simple and important tips for what to do before waxing to make certain you will have the happiest Happy Waxing experience from the comforts of your own home.

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