7 key points for after wax care, what NOT to do After Waxing.

1. Stay away from exercise and tight-fitting clothes

    avoid sun after waxing

    Exercise and tight-fitting clothes can irritate your freshly waxed skin. Try to avoid anything that will make the area waxed sweaty. If you’ve done a bikini or Brazilian wax, try to postpone exercise and anything that make cause friction for at least a couple of days. It’s great if you can wear loose clothing after waxing like the trendy maxi dresses, flowy pants, and comfortable, breathable cotton fabrics. For bikini and Brazilian try loose-fitting unmentionables (or none) to help prevent rubbing or irritation. We’ve heard from a few wax-at-home fans – they wear a loose robe and relax for the rest of the day

    2. Stay away from the sun 

      Your skin is delicate and sensitive within the first 48 hours after waxing so keep in mind that “sensitive” skin is more susceptible to the U.V. rays. Exposure to the sun could cause permanent sun damage and/or discoloration. If you must be outside, in any weather, try to keep the areas freshly waxed covered and it’s so important to wear a clean and safe sunscreen.  There are so many great options available today – a good guide for safe, gentle, and effective sunscreens can be found at the NPO organization called EWG – check their website for some good info. Drug stores and big box chain favorite stores stock and cater to the ‘clean’ options today – which is so cool! 

      3. Stay away from baths -  "warm" showers are perfect for freshly waxed areas 

      Should I bathe after waxing? If you've bikini or brazilian waxed its best to stay away from baths, hot tubs, and saunas for sure. Put off your soaks and swims for a few days. Try to avoid the public pools for a couple of days too as there could be an increased chance of getting an infection, same for lakes, rivers, and the ocean they could be a host to bacteria. Best advice is to do your home waxing mid-week, so your summer weekends go uninterrupted. And for you yogis, best to postpone your hot yoga for a few days too.

      4. Exfoliate after waxing

      Exfoliate after waxing always

      Should I exfoliate after waxing? Absolutely, but please wait at least 24 – 48 hours after your skin has calmed down and please stay away from over exfoliating. Waxing is known to exfoliate; it removes the uppermost layer of dead skin along with the hair. From here on in, it's super important to add exfoliating to your after-wax skin care and your plan on how to prevent ingrown hairs. If you’re not sure what to use and have never done exfoliating – you can easily start with a washcloth, use it in the shower to exfoliate your body, and on your face as a gentle approach. There are some great options out there for exfoliating mitts which are used in the shower or bath, or the increasingly popular dry body brush which is amazing and used before your shower or bath, just be sure to stick with one that is softer and not too strong. Your skin will be so Happy!

      5. Stay away from picking at the little white bumps after waxing 

      These are not pimples, and they are not ingrown hairs, what are they? Turns out, they are quite like the bumps you see when you deal with a razor burn. These little raised white bumps are mostly caused by our body's natural response to waxing “trauma.” Yes, waxing does “sometimes” cause trauma or a reaction. This is very normal; the hair follicle responds to the stress of the hair being removed – which then results in stress to the skin. These little white bumps from waxing should subside.  If they become inflamed and red, it is best to give your doctor a call – rest assured they should go away and over time your skin will become accustomed to home waxing.

       6. Stay away from your weekly spray tan

      fake tan

      It's best to wait a few days after your waxing session before your “faux” tan, this includes lotions and sprays – steer clear of the tanning beds 😊.  This wait time will help ensure you get a smooth sun kissed look. Important point to consider when looking for a self-tanner - there are so many “clean” options available, be selective, do a little recon work - you’ll be happy you found them!

      7. Moisturize after waxing

      Should I moisturize after waxing? Yes, however, stay away from body washes, lotions, and creams, anything containing fragrances and artificial colors as these can cause reactions to your fresh beautifully waxed skin. Your skin is a little more sensitive so best to be selective about your lotions, soaps, and creams. Choose something that is “Free from” the artificial ingredients, phthalates, petrochemicals, and fragrances that are known to not be good for the skin and body. There are so many clean moisturizer options out there – check your favorite stores for the “clean beauty” aisles - they are popping up everywhere, your skin, body and overall health will glow!

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      What's your "after waxing" routine? Let us know in comments below!

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